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SEASON ONE Logo, Lifestyle Large Gaming Mouse Pad

SEASON ONE Logo, Lifestyle Large Gaming Mouse Pad

SKU: 631AA89328971_14942

Have you ever thought about how unfair it is, that the Law of Attraction is not taught in schools of our time? It should be covered in Physics shouldn't it not? The closest we get to it is Quantum Physics but that barely scratches the surface of it, and by the time we learn that, we are well into our ways of living and understanding life - Not reality for what it truly is. It is the most important thing I have learned to date, and I am sure that what you have learned about it so far, makes it, that much easier for you to agree with me.

And let's be real about it, it is completely fair that the Law of Karma, affects what we are born into. I think we can all agree on that. What you did in your past life, "attracts" your next life. Yes, you do get a clean slate - that's something to be grateful about, but your bargaining chips for what you want to be born with, are determined by your Karma. It is a lot like a computer game with the best graphics that you could ever imagine: the Game of Real Life. What is unfair is, that we aren't taught the Rules of Engagement from the get-go and the Objective of existence isn't that clear either. There is a whole "gotta go through things" stage before we can even come close to understanding the objective. More sooner we hope than late, most realize that there is nothing more important than one's own happiness and therefore, the whole point of it all, is to satisfy our soul's desire; and one could conclude, that, that is our mission in life. And for some, it takes a long time to simply figure that part out. Perhaps that is part of the game? Perhaps there are people to blame? We could play the blame game all day long, or... we can count our blessings and get ticking like a bomb.

I think we are all grateful that there is a multitude of videos and other learning content provided freely by great people to say the least, that at least, give us a clue as to what the hell we are doing here. That's all we want. A fair game. And a fair game is only so when people know what it is is we are doing here, and what we are supposed to do, and a little clue on how to do it. That's not asking for much, is it?

Turn your gaming setup into a Professional Gaming Station with this reliable and large, Gaming Mouse Pad. You’ll never need to worry about adjusting a mouse pad mid-game again! It is suitable for comfort and precision, with a sturdy grip, that won’t slip, and no matter how intense your game gets, winning will be an absolute cinch. The quality edge stitching is so fine, that the design won’t peel off. The attraction of your eyes, from its sexy appeal though, might be a distraction that you can't afford, and so, you might have to cover it up, with your keyboard, or dough, and let that great energy through your fingers, flow!

Have this full, keyboard and Mouse Gaming Pad with you, every time you claim your winning status and prize. Is it someone's birthday? Give 'em a surprise, and introduce them to a fresher flavor of the real game of life!

The only game truly worth playing, if you consider and factor in the commodity of time. That's why we put a date on it.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Trill.

Product Details:


  • 100% polyester top
  • Rubber non-slip base
  • Size: 36″ × 18″ (91.4 cm × 45.7 cm)
  • Vibrant print, long-lasting
  • High-quality edge stitching that doesn’t peel
  • Non-slip surface
  • Rounded edges
  • Product sourced from Taiwan
  • Product Code


  • Measurements


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