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Investor Information

Hello, and welcome to the TrillStatus Investor Page! We are thrilled to have you here as we embark on an joyful journey to take our brand to new heights. On this page, you will find all the information you need to learn about our investment opportunities, including our vision, mission, and goals. Once you have read through all the information, please use the form below, to commit your investment proposal. Thank you for your interest in TrillStatus, and we are truly grateful to be sharing this exciting journey with you.



Last Update:  22|05|2024


Creation:        11|04|2023


Invest in TrillStatus!

We are passionate to work with investors who share our vision for creating a unique and highly innovative luxury lifestyle brand. As per Divine Guidance, we will only consider investors that are European citizens, of European decent only. THIS IS NON-NEGOTIABLE.

Investment Opportunity.

We are currently seeking investment to help us grow our brand and expand our product line. Our goal is to increase our manufacturing capabilities, improve our marketing efforts, and expand our reach to new client bases.

Investment Details.

We are open to discussing investment opportunities with interested parties, and we are seeking an initial investment in the 9 figures Euro range, for what we believe are very compelling reasons outlined below.


Equity: Tto help us achieve our visionary goals, we are offering a maximum of 25% (1/4) equity in our TrillStatus brand for our investors, and an additional 2% equity for financial intermediaries as described below.



Welcome to TrillStatus - The premium, luxury lifestyle brand founded on the Law of Attraction, the attainment of financial success, and the cultivation of wealth and all forms of good abundance. We are delighted to extend this exclusive opportunity to you to invest in our vision to create more millionaires, multi-millionaires, and billionaires through our brand.


By investing in TrillStatus, you become part shareholder of all our TrillStatus Company assets, trademarks, intellectual property as well as a comprehensive package of domains. The domains included are our on-demand dropshipping store,, our proposed Look Book/Social Media platform,, and our app and website,, along with two others in this domain cluster. Each domain plays a crucial role in realizing our mission of empowering our patrons with the knowledge and teachings of the Law of Attraction and providing them with the tools to manifest health wealth and success while growing our luxury lifestyle brand.

TrillStatus Shop.png

Our online e-Commerce Shop - (Currently fully operational)

We firmly believe that TrillStatus has unlimited potential, and the dropshipping store is just a example and glimpse of what we can achieve. With the right funding and support from our investors, we can embark on a grand adventure to reach new heights and opportunities. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey of a lifetime.

7f7aa5a3c95a55258b8345011acfa349_original.jpg - Our support Look Book/Social Media platform example
(Currently in development)

According to the Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report 2022, there are approximately 2,755 billionaires, 1.6 million multi-millionaires (with a net worth above €10 million), and 53.5 million, millionaires worldwide. Through our brand, our vision at TrillStatus is to create one million more millionaires, 10,000 more multi-millionaires, and 100 more billionaires, amounting to over €1.2 trillion in new wealth creation.

2022 Credit Suisse Wealth Report.jpeg

World Elite Wealth Status (2022)

Although the figure of €1.2 trillion may seem significant, it represents only a tiny fraction (0.25%) of the world's total estimated wealth, which is currently valued at approximately €417.24 trillion. Therefore, the addition of this new wealth is unlikely to disrupt the world's financial balance for those that may be concerned and is also well within the limits estimated by reliable sources for global financial growth. However, it would make a substantial difference to our clients, customers, patrons, and of course to us.

Suranga Perera Forbes_Billionaire.png

By investing in TrillStatus, you are investing in a luxury lifestyle brand and also in a vision that seeks to empower people worldwide with the knowledge and tools necessary to manifest their financial success and all forms of good abundance. Join us in creating a legacy of health, wealth and prosperity creation for generations to come.


We have complete faith that with the correct understanding and guidance towards an abundance mindset, these newly created wealthy individuals would have a profound and positive impact on our world and culture. We have no doubt that they would also become our greatest and most trusted allies well into the future. This wealth creation will enable us to expand our reach, develop innovative products, and provide unparalleled services to our clientele and customers. We are committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve, and this new wealth creation will help us achieve that goal.



Our Vision to Create More Financially Wealthy Individuals

We firmly believe that this ambitious goal is achievable with your support. Financial education, discipline, and goal setting are emphasized by many investment experts, self-help gurus, and teachers of the Law of Attraction, to attain financial success and abundance. The increasing number of these individuals serves as a testament to the vast and untapped potential for financial growth and education within the fashion industry.


Our brand aims to create a profitable business by drawing on the expertise and knowledge base of these individuals, as well as leveraging their established platforms with significant followings, such as their YouTube channels. Furthermore, it would be difficult to find someone who doesn't aspire to financial freedom or becoming a millionaire. This presents a unique opportunity for visionary investors looking to participate in a market with immense potential for wealth generation and brand establishment. With your investment, we can scale our operations rapidly and effectively execute our unique strategies to turn our vision into a reality.

PurePlaySystems com.png

Our Founding & Birthing Company: Pure Play Systems PTY LTD (Australia)

Investing in TrillStatus represents an opportunity to capitalize on the extensive knowledge and expertise we have accumulated over the course of 15 years in the e-commerce industry. TrillStatus was created by our software company, Pure Play Systems PTY LTD, and with your investment, we intend to leverage our existing intellectual property, and our proposed phone/tablet app and DJ Mixtape, in conjunction with the proposed social platform, to achieve rapid expansion and build our net worth to exceed a further 1 billion Euro in the upcoming fiscal year. Your investment will enable us to allocate the necessary resources towards this vision, while positioning TrillStatus as a leading player, particularly in the e-commerce industry.

PPS Bosss Desk.JPG

Pure Play Systems; CEO Perspective.

Our e-Commerce Platform (Production Remix Service) operating since 2007, with over 30 professional production staff - (Currently down for rebuild and business expansion)


Our e-Commerce Platform (Production Remix Service) operating since 2007, with over 30 professional production staff - (Currently down for rebuild and business expansion)


Our e-Commerce Platform showcasing our Audio Player released in 2016.

Our e-Commerce Platform (Production Remix Service) operating since 2007, with over 30 professional production staff - (Currently down for rebuild and business expansion)

9 Inch Remix Team

Our DJ Production team at (Production Remix Service) operating since 2007, with over 30 staff - (Currently down for rebuild and business expansion)

After our research into the matter, we are very confident that TrillStatus can achieve a net worth of over 1 billion Euro in one fiscal year, in addition to any investments made. We believe so strongly in our vision and ability to reach this goal that we offer a money-back guarantee with interest if we are unable to do so.


Our inaugural iOS App, designed exclusively for our global professional DJ clientele at, that was enthusiastically embraced.


Our Pure Play Systems Work Office in Sri Lanka where our initial Platform Prototypes were developed from 2015-2017.

We recognize that our approach to business may differ from conventional methods. Nevertheless, we firmly believe that any form of publicity can contribute to the growth of our brand, particularly in an industry where controversy have been known to generate significant interest and can be leveraged to our advantage.


Our Pure Play Systems work Office in Sri Lanka showing the new e-Commerce Platform we are building for Musicians.

Our primary focus is to establish a new trend in fashion by creating a unique market that prioritizes sustainability and offers products that have minimal impact on the environment. Our commitment to these values is evident in our previous e-Commerce ventures through our birthing company, Pure Play Systems, and we intend to continue with this approach.


We are dedicated to delivering exceptional value to our customers, beyond the mere material products they purchase from us. As the saying goes, "great stories sell well", and while we do indeed have a compelling story to tell and strive for fashion excellence, our goal is to be more than just a flashy brand with exorbitant price tags. With this investment round, we aim to rapidly scale our operations, leveraging our proven track record as a testament to our unique and successful strategies.

App Sketch.png
App Draft.png
PPS Board.png
App Implementation.png
PPS Staff.png
Let's Play Ball TrillStatus Canvas

All investments and transactions relating to TrillStatus shall be conducted exclusively in European Currency (€ Euros) as we are moving to Europe. All initial agreements and contracts shall be executed in Melbourne, Australia, and will be binding and enforceable under Australian law. TrillStatus is committed to visibility, accountability and effective communication with our investors, and the founder is available to meet in person, via web conference, or over the phone to discuss the details of our incorporation, jurisdiction, and future business plans under a NDA.

PPS Home
Metatron's Cube

The products that we can add to our catalog are diverse.


In our experience, brands with a great story behind them, always sell their products well, because people love a great story!

luxury_villa_monaco_night_shift (1)_upscayl_4x_ultramix_balanced.png


TrillStatus Investor Agreement

We are thrilled to offer like-minded investors the opportunity to join us in taking our brand to the next level. We are currently seeking serious investors who share our vision for our brand and are interested in making a substantial investment in our Company. Our ideal partners are individuals or organizations who can invest a minimum of EURO 100,000,000.00 (100 Million) enabling us to execute our long-term strategy and achieve our shared goals.

We wish to sell a maximum of 25% of the Company's equity and reincorporate the Company in a tax-friendly jurisdiction, as the nature of our Company and brand can benefit immensely from an offshore structure.

As an investor, you will have the opportunity to invest in a package deal that includes several domains, such as our made-on-demand dropshipping store,, our proposed social media platform,, and our app and website,, among others in this domain cluster. Each of these domains will contribute to our mission of teaching the Law of Attraction and providing tools and education to generate wealth for our clients and fans as well as establishing a luxury clothing/merchandise lifestyle brand. The possibilities of where we can take it are virtually endless and the Dropshipping store is a mere example of what we are capable of with very little in all aspects. With the correct funding and support from our investors, we can take it to amazing new heights and wonderful new places.

Lady Fortuna TrillStatus artwork

We have taken note that since the inception of our brand, TrillStatus, there has been significant interest from individuals and groups who may not necessarily have sufficient funds to invest in our Company. However, we appreciate your interest, and we value your keen perception of the potential of TrillStatus. As you may operate in industries that are associated with affluent individuals, we understand that you may know potential and suitable investors who would be interested in investing in our Company. Therefore, we are providing an opportunity for such individuals to act as facilitators or catalysts in bringing the right investors to us. In exchange for your entrepreneurship, we are offering an additional 2% share to you as a crucial proponent, along with the 25% share available for investors to partake in our Company Vision. Do the math.


We are very passionate to put our vision plans into effect immediately and will consider the first proposal that meets our criteria. Please note that higher investments will result in a greater return on your 2% share and provide us with more freedom and resources to achieve our vision and ensure greater returns for our investors also.

The number of investors can be any, and they can choose to invest either individually or as a group. We prefer investors who would act as silent partners, enabling us to maintain creative and operational control over the Company, while also providing valuable support and ideas that can facilitate the Company progress. Such support can include leveraging your public image for Company exposure and providing access to industry connections, among other resources, to facilitate Company growth. After all, it is your investment, and we understand that as an investor, you are looking to see a return on your investment, and we are committed to making that happen. We firmly believe that your investment will enable us to actualize our vision and achieve our goals, resulting in significant growth for TrillStatus. As we work together to achieve our shared vision, we are confident that your investment will grow in leaps and bounds, bringing you the returns that you seek.

We are extremely confident in our ability to take TrillStatus to a net worth of a further € 1 billion+ within a fiscal year. Therefore, we offer a legally binding money-back guarantee with interest, if we are unable to reach a Company net worth of an additional € 1 billion on top of the any investments made by our investors, in one fiscal year. As we own other intellectual property such as other various domains for example, we have the ability to make this guarantee.

Investors are welcome to sell their shares at a later stage, however, please note that, in regard to buy-back provisions, the Company will have the first preference to buy back the shares if an investor wishes to resell their shares, and the same holds for new investors. The agreed price for the repurchase of the shares will be determined based on the fair market value of the shares at the time of the repurchase, as determined by mutually agreed upon third-party valuation experts.

In the event that the Company is unable to repurchase the shares, the new shareholder must comply with the original shareholder agreement and terms of the Company's stock, including any voting rights or restrictions. It is important to note that this provision helps to ensure that the Company retains control over its ownership structure and that the Company equity is held by investors who share the Company's values and goals.

All Company agreements and initial contracts will be signed in Melbourne, Australia, under Australian Law, for the formation of the Company. However, the Company formation in a tax-friendly jurisdiction will be based on the laws of that specific jurisdiction. We are more than happy to meet with all investors to provide a detailed presentation of our incorporation and jurisdiction plans, either in person, via the web, or over the phone. All transactions and investments are in Euros.

We require an initial holding deposit to commence the legal and Company formation process, as agreed upon. This will ensure that all investments are 100% applied to our business plans and before for any tax purposes for example. Investors should submit their proposals indicating the amount they wish to invest in millions and the percentage of TrillStatus shares they seek to hold, out of the 1/4th (25%) equity offered, using the form provided below, including any further requests that you may have.

As a Company registered in a tax-friendly Jurisdiction, TrillStatus would be subject to those laws and regulations, as well as any applicable international laws and regulations. The specific details of how profits would be paid out to investors would depend on the terms of the final investment agreement and the laws and regulations that apply and can be further discussed. Assuming that TrillStatus has issued 25% equity to investors, profits would generally be distributed to investors in proportion to their ownership share. For example, if an investor holds a 5% equity stake in TrillStatus, they would be entitled to 5% of the Company's profits. However, it is important to note that the distribution of profits would be subject to the Company's financial performance and any applicable tax laws. TrillStatus would require generating profits in order to distribute them to investors, and the Company would need to comply with any tax laws and regulations that apply to it's operations and profits. The specific terms of the investment agreement, such as the timing of profit distributions and any conditions or limitations on profit distributions, can be further discussed after consultation with legal and financial professionals to ensure that any profit distributions are made in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and in a manner that is fair and equitable to all investors.

For investors seeking a "stock-for-stock transaction" or "equity swap" please note, while we appreciate the interest and willingness of investors to explore such arrangements, at this early stage and initial investment round, our focus is on monetary investment that will enable us to advance our strategic goals and grow our business. As such, we are not currently considering stock-for-stock transactions. Therefore, we kindly request that all investors only consider financial investments in our Company during this phase. However, we are open to discussing potential equity swaps or stock-for-stock transactions in the future, as our Company expands and evolves.

Although we may leave the investment round open indefinitely to raise more capital, we will always maintain the controlling interest in the Company and may sell further shares to raise additional capital.

Screenshot 2022-01-11 at 12-07-54 PurePlaySystems com.png

The TrillStatus Company was originally conceived by our Software Company Pure Play Systems. Having built similar brands that have taken over their respective industries, we boast 15 years of experience and success in the e-commerce industry. This new level of investment in the millions, is well calculated and we will utilize it to broaden our horizons with our parent Company, Pure Play Systems also.


Our Pure Play Systems work Office in Sri Lanka showing the new e-Commerce Platform we are building for Musicians.

Although we will form a new Company structure for TrillStatus, the e-commerce platform building and app building will be executed with a dedicated team at Pure Play Systems, overseeing the execution and management of any web-related production. The day-to-day management of the TrillStatus brand, clothing design, and other related aspects, however, will be handled in-house, by a dedicated team of staff at TrillStatus.


As part of our expansion plans, we have an interest in opening offices and store outlets globally, with a particular focus on the European region, where we believe the brand truly belongs and can thrive. Through Pure Play Systems, we will also maintain connections with Australia, and as we progress, we will consider opening outlet stores in Melbourne and Sydney for example.


Our Pure Play Systems work Office in Sri Lanka showing the new e-Commerce Platform we are building for Musicians.

It is anticipated that the proposed TrillStatus DJ Mixtape that we have announced and its unique method of delivery, will significantly contribute towards enhancing the Company's profile, expanding its fan and client base, and generating substantial revenue in the first fiscal year of investment. 


The TrillStatus DJ Mixtape Artwork, focusing on Law of Attraction Affirmations - This Artwork will be available as prints also, for patrons!

As a result of our extensive experience in the music industry and following, coupled with our past e-commerce business and platform, we possess substantial influence in the industry. 

PPS Inhouse Studio

Our in-house Studio in Sri Lanka

Furthermore, our expertise in mixing and remixing is a valuable asset that will be utilized to create a unique and unparalleled music product. The forthcoming investment is expected to play an instrumental role in realizing this vision. However, we would like to clarify that further details on our future business plans will only be disclosed to actual prospective investors.

9inch Remix Vol1

9 INCH REMIX SERVICE, Our First Remix Volume, Released on 27th/06/2007 That influenced a generation of DJs and the Global Music Industry.

Unda Construction VOL1

Before 9InchRemix, there was...




DJ Lady Dee

DJ Lady Dee who is a Boeing 747 Captain and Disc Jockey in Europe, all the while working as a production DJ for

9inch Remix Player

Our Audio player at

PPS CEO code


Surangas $130 Billion Dollar Jackpot WIN.jpg



Suranga Perera aka DJ SARGE X, founder and owner of
Pure Play Systems, and TrillStatus.

PPS Coding Perfection



B.M.E - Written by Suranga Perera -

"'Put it out, show the world this Divine Perfection, this Coveted Destiny', the Holy Ghost said to me/ 
My Jackpot on my lap hot, the Universe clearly has my back locked, and my life planned out with MY trajectory/
I am born for this abundance, for this B.M.E, for this Big Money Energy, on October 23rd, 19 83.

Though my enemies, can try to take it away, or try to freeload at this table, like it's all just for free/
In the end, it's all up to me/
who sits here, watch and see/
for it is all, nothing but P.S.alm 23.

This is my ancestral money, I'm grateful grandpa George, and like brand new money, I'm just bringin' it back/
This abundance flows to me in bills', like the old river Jord' and I might go there with Trill' and stack some real racks/
I might make it rain, you know, they callin' me the 'Bringer of Reign', and flood that river flow n' fill my own banks/
And I've been through pain, so I might chill in my bae with Trills' in Spain and raise my cubs and a pride pack.

My super fame baby, is always only loving only me/
I made it myself; I am achieving all my dreams/
I don't got to give them the nines, or any saucing or the beam/
But when I post mine, they all, coming for this cream./

My super fame baby, is always only loving only me/
I made it myself; I am achieving all my dreams/
I don't got to give them the nines or any saucing or the beam/
But when I post mine, they all, coming from this cream./"


The founder of TrillStatus is deeply spiritual and holds very strong beliefs in the Law of Attraction and Manifestation. It is through these laws and methods that TrillStatus has been brought to fruition as per all of our past endeavors. The decision to seek investment is a natural progression toward creating the type of company originally envisioned, while involving the suggested people as per Divine Guidance. It is up to our esteemed investors to follow through on these Divine Plans.

To lead and direct a brand like TrillStatus, the founder holds firm convictions about his lineage and spiritual significance. Like many others across the world that are faithful to the Holy Bible, he believes himself to be part of the esteemed group referenced in the Book of Revelation as the 144,000. Our extensive knowledge of the Law of Attraction and Manifestation has led us to conclude that what is written in the Holy Bible, as the most read and focused book in the world is most definitely bound to manifest into the collective conscious and therefore is not an option for humanity, but an inevitability to be embraced as world signs are currently proving. 


Additionally, Suranga, our founder claims descent from a hidden royal bloodline in Sri Lanka, tracing back to authentic royal families. Despite bearing the surname Perera (his grandfather's nickname added on to his father's name only), his true and real surname, depicting origin, profession, lordship and house; Narangoda Liyana-Arachchige, with ancestral ties reflected in geographical names, he asserts his rightful title as a Lord from both sides of his family. From his maternal side, Loku-Hetti-Arachchige - bears a lineage of "big/great" "business and commerce" and nobility also, holding the same land properties in Sri Lanka for six generations and counting. The name Narangoda (Na - Cobra, Ran - Golden, Goda - Land/Hill) can be found on the map of originating country in two places and reflects the family's known historic movement.

While evidence of these claims may exist on his deactivated social media accounts, the founder's confidence renders such proof irrelevant. He believes that Divine Will shall validate his assertions in due time. And, contrary to any perception of boasting and grandiosity, it is important to note that the founder's family history has been veiled until recently by carrying the surname 'Perera' as a commoner's disguise, chosen by the founder's grandfather to conceal their true identity. He, in his humility, adopted the nickname 'George Perera,' relinquishing the prestigious titles of 'Liyana-arachchige' which bore ancestral connections to lordship. The decision to reveal this information publicly now, is motivated by various reasons, including a desire for truth and acknowledgment of their heritage as the founder's birthright.

We are aware that skepticism may exist among certain naysayers, although we remain focused on our vision and goals. Our founder, Suranga Sampath Perera, confidently identifies himself as an artistically gifted Indigo Child, a well-seasoned Sigma Male, and an ENTP personality type, showcasing an exceptional and rare blend of traits. Coupled with a very high IQ and his pursuit of a Software Engineering degree at the Monash University in Melbourne, this combination has consistently led to a proven track record of success. His diverse talents include a background in formal music study from the University High School, Melbourne, enriching his repertoire and depth of knowledge across various disciplines. With unwavering confidence in our collective ability, we stand ready to overcome any challenges and achieve all our objectives. While opposition may arise, we view it as a natural part of the journey toward furthering our success. We are committed to maintaining professionalism and integrity in all our interactions, and we invite constructive dialogue and collaboration with all stakeholders. Ultimately, our priority is to deliver value and make a positive impact in our industry and the greater world.

We are a Company that embodies the principles of the Law of Attraction, and so, we will retain creative control and guide TrillStatus toward its Divine Purpose of helping those in need. We are grateful for the support of investors who share our vision. We believe that this is a Divine opportunity that truly warrants our unorthodox approach to business strategy. We ask that our investors have faith in our decision-making process and grant us the freedom to execute our plans accordingly. Further, it would make the founder extremely happy and grateful should the investors we seek, involve themselves in the day-to-day operations of our Company. As the founder has multiple companies to operate other than Pure Play Systems, the position of CEO at TrillStatus is available to investors. Nevertheless, if we require assistance, we will most definitely seek it from our esteemed investors. We do expect all our investors to participate in certain matters and events that we conduct, when required.

Please be advised that we reserve the right to decline any proposals or investors that we deem to be inconsistent with our vision, and goals, or may impede the operational capacity of our Company. As per Divine Guidance, we will only consider investors that are European citizens, of European decent only. THIS IS NON-NEGOTIABLE.  We operate uniquely and unconventionally, and therefore, it is the responsibility of our potential investors to demonstrate that they possess the enthusiasm, qualifications and resources that are essential for our Company success.

"Everything I've envisioned on my vision boards has manifested in my life with flawless precision or has always been better than I expected, from the companies I've built to the beach houses, luxury supercars, and living in countries I've always desired. When things haven't gone as planned, they've actually turned out to be blessings in disguise, leading to outcomes far better than my initial dreams, which holds true for my relationships as well. I've only become remarkably better at manifesting.


As a brand focused on the law of attraction, I deliberately designed this Investor Page like a visionboard to inspire our clients, especially those who may doubt the law of attraction. It will remain a permanent fixture on our e-commerce website, showcasing our business and my personal progress as enduring proof of this law." - Suranga Sampath Perera.

Suranga_Perera Billionaire Forbes Magazine Cover VB


Be Nice.png
InstagramPuzzleFeedTemplate2222_Artboard 3 copy 10.png
12x16 - Flight Mode.png

Negotiate :-)


Commit your proposal and we'll get back to you.


TrillStatus Investor Proposal  Form.




Please ensure that you provide additional proof of who you are, so that we can be confident in sharing company information with you. For example, contact us through your listed official website email, at Please note that we do not use external social media as they are sincerely no longer required.

Your information will be kept strictly confidential and will only be used for the purpose of evaluating potential investment opportunities.

Please note that by committing this form, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the TrillStatus Investor Agreement.

Thank you kindly!

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