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Get to Know Us


In our Season One in the fashion industry, we would like to introduce to you our first collection of apparel and merchandise, created to give you a taste of our brand in its raw and pure form, abstracted to the essence of our take on what is, hot, wet, and about to drip these days. The Status quo of global culture, fashion, and technology has been very moving recently, and art once again is playing as a centerpiece in a rebirth of a new social norm that is being woven intentionally into our lives, being, the Law of Attraction.



"Always been around, but never like this" is the current consensus on it. A study of a lifetime perhaps, with its infinite possibilities, its importance so profoundly meaningful to our lives that it simply makes sense to incorporate all its aspects into the very fabric that we wear, because you know, with every touch, and every glare, moments manifest, like there be magic in the air.